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Errand service in Nigeria for people in diaspora


Getting some tasks done back home can be daunting and challenging while you are overseas. We at Teereny Global are here to help when you need someone to fill in the gap or when you need a second set of hands.


Our errand service is designed for people in the diaspora who wants to get one or two things done in Nigeria but they are limited with help.


Whether you are in Asia, Europe, America, Antarctica or Australia, distance should not be a barrier. When you need an errand runner or a wheel to get the task done, we are here to help run errands for those who are unable to. We can do your pickups, deliveries, help buy stuff from the market, drive your folks around and many more. If the task scope is well defined, we will get it done. If you are not sure if we can do it, just ask.


  • Pick ups and Deliveries

  • Corporate Errands

  • Personal Errands

  • Retails Errands (sourcing and buying items)

  • Car Rental (per hour or per day)


1. Post an errand

Tell us what you want us to do by posting your errand on our mobile app or website.

2. We'll send you the invoice

We will confirm your request and send you an invoice.

3. You pay the charges due

Review the invoice to ensure that your request is properly covered and pay the charges due as at when due.

4. We get the job done

We commence the job once payment is confirmed and we notify you upon completion.

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