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Dear Valued Customer,

How to prepare your package for shipment?

Your package may be shipped as picked. We may not come in contact with your package for packaging purposes until delivered to our office/depot at the destination. It is your responsibility to ensure that your goods are well packaged in a fit-for-purpose carton box.

Goods have a greater chance of surviving the shipping process and arriving at their destination intact if they are well-packed. To ensure your package travels as smoothly as possible and arrives safely at its destination, it's important to make sure it is packaged properly. A pallet wrap may be necessary for extra protection.

Your package will need to be sealed in a way that prevents unexpected or unwanted opening in transit. When taping, you need to make sure any address or labelling is visible, and you can access the package shipping/tracking information. It is best to use at least 2-inch-wide packing tape, then seal the openings of your box along its entire length.

You may want to keep in mind three things: the weight of your item, the size and shape of your item, and the value/fragility of your item.


The heavier the product, the stronger the packaging material needs to be. You will need to choose a box strong enough to protect the contents and large enough to accommodate cushioning. This will help the item withstand any rough handling it might encounter on its journey. Things tend to shift around in transit, and it is important to ensure that the product is secure in the package.


If the item has an irregular shape, the item should be packed such that the item is not touching any side of the sides of the box. You will need to have enough room for cushioning material to cushion the irregularity of the shape of the item. It is important not to leave any void space in the box. Any available space should be filled with cushion materials.



High-value and fragile items will need extra protection and cushioning to prevent any breakage or damage.

Here are some steps to consider when preparing your package for shipping:

  1. Make sure your item is bundled well to protect your item.

  2. Seal your package properly.

  3. Ensure the details on your label are correct.


Make Sure Your Item is Bundled Well to protect your item.

Wrap your item with protective wrapping to fill out the space inside the package. Bubble wrap is a good material to use. If your item is large and odd-shaped, a void filler may be a better option. Some items may require moulded inserts or special padding. Options for filler and padding include:

Foam products
Moulded inserts
Bubble products
Dunnage airbags
Polywoven airbags
Loose fill
Paper fill
Tissue paper

Seal Your Package Well.

Securely seal your parcel using packing tape, taking care to ensure all edges and seams are sealed. This will prevent damage to your parcel during transit. A pallet wrap is recommended on the entire package for extra protection.

Label Your Package Correctly.

The label on your package should be visible with no strapping or tape covering it. It is important to make sure you position your label correctly and in the right place. Check the label is positioned on the parcel's largest surface. The label should appear clearly on the item. Check the label isn’t obstructed by strapping. It should be visible. Avoid applying sticky tape over the label. If reusing packaging, ensure all old labels and barcodes are either removed or not visible.


  • Choose the appropriate box for your parcel (the box should be large enough to fit the item but not so large that it is bulky. The box should be strong enough to withstand being handled by courier workers).

  • Accurately determine the weight of your parcel by using a weight scale, not a bathroom scale. You can also determine the weight at the local post office for free.



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