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Air Freight & Logistics

Thinking of sending,
we bring it to you.


We pick-up from within Lagos or our customers can drop off their goods at our Lagos office. We will handle all the necessary paperwork, customs clearance etc. and deliver to the receiver’s address in Australia. If you live outside Lagos, contact us for ways we could help get your goods to our office.


 from N6200/kg + Document Fee


We pick-up from Perth and deliver to the receiver's address in Lagos, or deliver to our Lagos' office for customers to pick up. Customers from other major cities in Australia, contact us for ways we could help get your goods to Perth.


$25.00/kg + Document Fee ($80.00)


Contact us for a quote or for more information.



Charges are for a service from our Lagos office to our office or to partner's depot in your state. A separate charge applies for home delivery.


The document fee is a minimum flat fee of $130 per consignment. The fee includes the Customs Clearance fee, Import Document Fee, Import Terminal Fee, and Quarantine Fee if applicable. Note that a Storage Fee shall be applicable when your consignment is not picked as at when due. 


A document fee of $80.00 is applicable. Fee includes International Terminal Fee, Handling Fee, and Customs Clearance. Charges are for service from Australia to our Lagos office. A separate charge applies for home delivery.


1. Get a reference number

Get in touch for a reference number. Drop off your consignment at our office with the reference number.

2. Confirm weight

Drop off your consignment on specified dates and we confirm the weight.

3. Air Freight

We cargo your consignment to the nominated depot at the destination.

4. We deliver or you pick-up

Pick up your consignment from our or partner's depot. Home delivery is available at an additional cost.

  • How do I get a reference number?
    Contact us and will send you a reference number. The number will be activated when you make payment.
  • Can I send food items to Australia?
    Yes, you can import food items into Australia if the food importing requirements are met. All imported food must meet bio-security requirements to be allowed into the country. Restrictions apply to many raw foods and certain processed food brought to Australia for private use. The following items amongst others are restricted: *eggs and egg products​ *dairy products *uncanned meat *seeds and nut *fresh fruit and vegetables Please check Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website for more information.
  • What items can I send?
    You can send and receive items that are not prohibited into the country as set out by the border authorities. Please check the respective local borders website for more information.
  • Can I use any packaging instead of a Ghana must go bag?
    You can use any package as you desire to secure the goods/items, but the final/outer packaging that should be presented to us is a heavy-duty Ghana must go bag.
  • Is there any minimum or maximum weight?
    There is no minimum or maximum limit when sending from Nigeria. A minimum of 20kg applies when to sending to Nigeria. Please note that a custom's value declaration form is mandatory for you to fill to declare the valuation of your consignment. If the total value is equal or above the equivalent of AUD 1000, you will be required to pay taxes and duties at your expense.
  • If I am sending from Nigeria, do you accept Nigerian currency?"
    Yes we do. You have the option to either pay in Naira or in Australian Dollars. Please note that cash in either currency is not acceptable, all payments are done via bank transfers.
  • Can my goods be picked up from my home address or delivered to my home address?
    Yes, we can certainly pick up or deliver to your home address at a seperate cost. You can as well drop off and pick up your goods at our office/depot.
  • What if I do not know the weight (kg) of my consignment?
    The weight of your consignment shall be confirmed at our office where you will be required to pay for the air freight charges (bank transfer) as per the confirmed weight.
  • How do I present the declaration form when a vendor is contacted to drop off my goods?
    You will have to give the vendor the declaration form to bring along with the goods or you can send us the filled declaration form and notify us that the vendor will be dropping off the goods. Please check out our privacy policy on how we manage provided information.

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