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Dear Valued Customer,



To use our service, you shall ensure that your goods meet the Domestic and International laws governing the transport of baggage and freight services into Australia or Nigeria as Teereny Global will not be liable for any confiscation, charges or legal implications as a result of your exportation, importation or be responsible for any disposed or ceased items. You shall be responsible for any fees, charges or legal implications as a result of your exportation or importation. Please read through our Agreement of Service and our Terms and Conditions on our website.


By using our service, you confirm and declare that:


1. Your consignment does not contain any of these items.


  • Airline tickets and blank stocks

  • Coins, and collectibles

  • Credit Card Blanks

  • Fruit juices or soft drinks

  • Ice or blue

  • Knives

  • Paints

  • Passports

  • Perfume of any kind

  • Precious Stones

  • Stocks nonnegotiable

  • Processed wood

  • Jewellery containing precious stones or lead salt.

  • Drones

  • Sim cards

  • Binoculars


2. You understand that your consignment will be security screened and x-rayed.


3. You understand that if we, our partners or the airport security identify any suspicious items within your consignment/package (or any of its contents), the freight/airport security officer, affiliated service provider or employees or Teereny Global have your permission to access or open the consignment or package.


4. You understand that if the consignment is unable to be accessed or opened for any reason Teereny Global will not carry the consignment.


5. You understand that under no circumstance will the below-mentioned items be allowed or packed for export or import as per the provisions of the Dangerous Goods Regulations.


i.            Explosives

Fireworks, ammunition, firearms or any form of explosives.


ii.            Compressed / Combustible Materials

Cylinders of compressed air, oxygen or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), any type of aerosol cans, deodorant, shaving cream, hairspray, paint etc.


iii.            Flammables

Camping stoves, fuel, fuel containers etc, nail polish, colognes, perfumes or paint thinners, matches, cigarettes, pipe lighters or cigarette lighters.


iv.            Diving Equipment

Including torches (diving lamps) or soldering irons.


v.            Chemicals

Any chemical, pesticide or herbicide etc. Fibreglass repair kits, adhesives and puncture repair kits. Dry ice, specimens or samples, detergent, bleaches, drain or oven cleaners.


vi.            Alcohol

Alcohol of any kind or medication containing alcohol.


vii.            Machines

Machinery with internal combustion engines such as a chainsaw, lawnmowers or garden trimmers etc.


Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, you must also declare any dangerous goods not listed above if contained or present in your consignment or package, heavy penalties (including imprisonment) may apply if any form of dangerous goods is found in your package.


Thank you.


Teereny Global
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