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Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to announce the resumption of our cargo and logistics service from Nigeria. We apologise for putting the service on hold, it was necessary for a better and improved service. For all enquiries, please call 0424 502 906.

Please note that the following changes will apply to our process of operation.

**Consignments shall be custom cleared individually under individual names. Please ensure that the details you provide are correct and accurate. Teereny Global shall not be held responsible for any misplaced luggage due to incorrect details.


**You will be required to declare the total valuation of your consignment before we can render the service. If the declared value is above $1000, duties and taxes will apply. You shall be responsible for any duties or taxes as applicable due to your declared value. Taxes and duties shall be payable to relevant authorities.

**Some food items are classified as high risk to the Australian community, such food items are not to be included in the consignment.

**Any home made food items are not encouraged to be included in the consignment for cargo, only commercially packed food items will be accepted. 

**You will be required to pick up your consignment at a nominated depot in your state (South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales). Home delivery can be requested at an additional cost.

**Cargo shall be lifted every fortnight thereafter or as deemed fit by Teereny Global. Cargo is expected to arrive in Australia within seven (7) working days from the next day of departure.

**At the moment, our preferred packaging shall be heavy-duty bags only (Ghana must go). Any other packaging shall not be considered. 






1. You need to advise us of your goods' estimated weight, its description, and destination in Australia. 

2.  We'll send you a quote with details of all that you need to know and the charges. 

3. If you are happy with the quote, you will be required to pay the document fee. A copy of the receipt of payment should be sent to us with the receiver's name, phone number, and email address.

4. A declaration form containing your reference number will be sent to the provided email address. 

5. The declaration form with the reference number is what you will need to drop your goods at our office in Lagos.

6. Goods' actual weight will be confirmed at our office and necessary air freight charges shall be made.

7. We will notify you when your consignment is ready for pick up in Australia. Home delivery can be arranged at extra cost.

Thank you.


Teereny Global
© 2021

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