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Sending packages to Nigeria and to other Countries from Australia.

Send packages to your loved ones in most countries from the comfort of your couch.  

How it works

1. Familiar yourself with items that are not allowed.

2. Read the agreement and conditions of carriage.

3. Prepare your package using only carton boxes (max weight per box is 25kg). Multiple boxes per package are allowed.

4. Either send us the pickup address or drop off the package at our designated depot nearest to you, or send it to us.

5. We pick up from the pickup address and send your package to the delivery address.

Familiarise yourself with the acceptable items

Click here for the list of prohibited items.

Agreement and Conditions of Carriage

Click the Agreement and Conditions of Carriage on the sender's form below to read.

How to prepare your package

Click here for details on how to prepare your package.

Sender's Information Form

Please fill out the form accurately.
The information provided will be used to pick up and process your shipment. 
Teereny Global may reweigh your consignment at the destination to confirm the weight or any variation between the quoted or advised weights and the actual weights. 

We may use the cubic weight of your package to determine the transactional weight or actual weight. If the weight or the dimensions of the package that you have provided to calculate or to determine the actual weight are incorrect, you will be charged $65 per kg for any variance identified before your package can be delivered or collected.
To avoid any variance, you can determine the weight of your parcel by using a weight scale, not a bathroom scale. You can also determine the weight and the dimensions of the package at the local post office for free, or you can use a carton box with the dimensions written on it. Such boxes can be obtained from Bunnings, the Post Office, or any local packaging store.

Max 15MB

Your form has been submitted. We'll get back to you soon.

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